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Microfiber Quick Dry Sweat Towel

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12X24 inch Super absorbent, lightweight & ultra compact to fit perfectly into any cyclist's back jersey pocket.

Use it to wipe the sweat & salt that gets into your eyes on a long ride.

Use it to cool you off on a hot day by pouring cold water onto it to cool off your neck & head 

Use it to clean your sunglasses as they are bound to get sweat & finger smudges on them.

Use it to dry your head after dousing your head with cool water on a hot ride.

Fast Drying - it can dry up to 10X faster than a conventional towel

Super Absorbent - it can soak up 4X it's weight in water

Ultra-Light & super compact - 2X lighter than a traditional towel & can be folded up 7X smaller.

Microfiber Fabric towel is a mix of 85% polyester and 15% nylon