Customer Rules of Conduct

Welcome. You made it, our dear customer! We appreciate you, UNLESS you break our rules of conduct:

  • Read these rules of conduct, our return policy, and our shipping information.
  • Over all, have patience. Your merch is not going to get to you as fast as you get your Amazon Prime packages and your email is not going to be answered right away, especially not on a weekend.
  • Gain some perspective and understand how it is to run a home business.
  • If you are someone who will blast our business online with the goal to ruin our livelihood because you were upset over a $10 order of stickers, we don't need you here!
  • Don't take it personally if we haven't gotten to your message out of dozens of others, we have one person handling orders from making the products, to shipping them, to answering inquiries about them. Sometimes DM's get missed or forgotten about, that's life when you are a human juggling dozens of orders at once.
  • Do not ask us to make custom merch or ask when we are going to make more of a specific item. We work and make the products we want/can on our own time and you get to enjoy what we put out. Just like our moms used to tell us, "You get what you get and you don't get upset!"

Please realize, we are not a corporation. If you don't understand that this business is run by two people and not robots who will send orders out in the same day or never miss an inquiry, please exit our store now. This is not the place for you. Go use the greedy corporations run by lizard people who make fast fashion that exploits people and resources and contributes to global destruction. 

We are real people, we make individually hand-made merch. We don't clock out, we don't have days off, we don't have shifts covered. When real life hits there isn't anyone to help pick up the slack.

This is Billie, she isn't the face of the company but she's the structure and the machine of our business.

She has served over 7,000 customers and always makes sure your products get to you. She literally hand-makes every decal, poster and single-color t-shirt, she personally answers every redundant email, and ships every package. Please have some patience and respect towards her.


This is Christopher, he is the face of the company, the ideas guy, he runs our social media and is the content creator and clothing designer.

He doesn't know what's going on with each order so don't expect him to answer your DM's. In fact, don't DM or comment to us about your order. Contact us here instead.

The two of us are our own content creators, product makers, photographers, videographers, editors, graphic and web designers, shipping fulfillers and customer service providers. Of course on top of all that we deal with everyday life and family so have some respect, empathy and patience with us. If you can't do that, we are kindly asking you to please exit our store and never shop with us.

If you understand the struggle, the hustle, the realities of life, please join us on this journey and we will serve you the best we can with gratitude and care!