100 mile ride, on gravel bikes?! Who's gonna make it to the end?

62 Mile Sat Morning Group Ride with the Main Street Cycles Crew 🤙

45 miles on my Ti Road bike & my 4 inch fat bike with Nolan🙏

Biking & Burgers Montana De Oro edition.

Lompoc Donuts, Disc Golf & 30 mile road bike ride🤙

Fat Bike Desert Adventure Ride

Desert Fat Bike Trail Ride at the Blind Canyon

Big Bear Camping/Biking Adventure

Quick Desert Hot Springs Trail Fat Bike Ride

Fat biking Wildwood Canyon State Park in Yucaipa, California

Latest Tie-Dye Session

Compliation footage of riding my steel Kilo TT all over the west coast from the last 5 years.

Compilation footage of riding my monster fat bike all over the west coast from the last few years.