About Us

Hizoku (Pronouced Hee-Zoe-Koo which translates to Rebel in Japanese) is a company which was founded in the early months of 2007 by the Dippner brothers Christopher and Richard on the Central Coast of California out of their mutual love for cycling. 

Our two-person design/photography/printmaking/fulfillment team/driving forces of the brand consists of Hizoku Cycles Founder/avid cyclist, Christopher Dippner and content creator/shipping agent/partner in crime, Billie Kleinbauer. We have a combined experience in the graphic design, photography and apparel industry of 20+ years. *Click here for more information about us and business conduct*

Our Motto

We believe cycling can contribute a great deal to saving the natural world we live in.

Our motto is " NO GAS, NO TRAFFIC, POLLUTION FREE, GREAT WORKOUT, RIDE A BIKE AND SAVE THE WORLD." Every person we get riding a bicycle the better off the world is. Bike for life.

Hizoku Cycles is an ever evolving company and will spread its reach into all things awesome and fun ⚡




 Ride safe and smart out there 🍻