Join our Cyclist Creators Network

The Cyclist Creators Network is a curated collection of small business creators who love riding their bikes & being creative on a daily basis.
We think there is a huge gap in the advertising market for small business entrepreneurs that can't afford the thousands of dollars a month it would be to advertise through Instagram or Facebook to make any actual money.
We are offering highly targeted advertising that will get customers to your website and buy your products.


Our monthly subscription fee is $150 

You can unsubcribe at any time.

Or you can try us out for 1 month with our one time payment option below

What you get for our monthly subscription.

12 Main feed posts with call to action to follow your IG account to our 210,000+ growing cyclist followers which will receive at least 150,000+ impressions all together over the course of the month.

20 IG Stories post with direct links to your website which will receive at least 20,000 impressions over the course of the month all together.

4 ads with direct links to your web store on our weekly Hizoku Cycles newsletter going out to 10,000+ dedicated Hizoku customers that have purchased from Hizoku in the past.

You will be added to our Cyclist Creators Network portal page on our website with your logo linked to your webstore or instagram which ever you prefer.


We are limiting it to a max of 30 curated small business entrepreneurs at a time to be apart of this program to maintain a high quality cyclist oriented feed.


Our Hizoku Cycles instagram account receives over 6 million+ impressions a month across all our posts.


Each post can get any where from 10,000 impressions up to 90,000 impressions depending on the content but the average post can get around 10,000 - 30,000 impressions.


Our stories posts can receive anywhere from 1000 views up to 2000 views per 24 hr period of display.


Our followers are 60% from the United States and 40% international.


Our largest target market is males 18-35 years old who love all things bike.


Compare Paid Instagram Advertising vs Hizoku Cycles Targeted Advertising

Instagram cost per 1000 impressions = $6.70 for an IG Ad

If you were to pay to get 200,000 impressions at $6.70 per 1000 impressions  that would cost you $1,340 

We are offering a flat fee of $150 a month to receive upwards of 200,000+ impressions which equals out to .75 cents per 1000 targeted impressions for 36 different ads running through out the month. That is less than $5 per Ad.