Cold Weather Neon Knitted Sweater Gloves by Handup Gloves

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Made by Handup Gloves Ride & Chill - Neon Knitted Sweater - Blue/Green/Pink bike gloves. This item ships directly from Hizoku Cycle's location on the Central Coast of California. 

  • "Ride & Chill... The equation for a excellent winter day startin' with hammerin' on two wheels and endin' all cozy by the fire, 'chillin'. The only thing you are missing is that cozy, soft knitted sweater that you're grandmother made you. No need to fret though we got you covered in the newest Cold Weather Knitted Sweater gloves. Keeping the look cool while keeping your hands warm, all in the minimalist Handup Glove you love. 

    Note: These aren't really made by your grandmother from knitted yarn material. Instead a printed knit pattern to make you look better than your buddies on a piece of wind-proof, water-resistant, and warmly insulated material to keep those bar grabbers of yours nice and toasty.

    Glove Fits True to Size of other Handup Gloves.

    We create quality gloves at a great price because, face it, you're just going to get them dirty anyway. Our winter gloves are equipped with:

    • Fleecy insides to warm your fingers as you ride. You won't know if you're winter-riding or cuddled up by the fire.

    • Can be worn to Christmas Parties as formal attire

    • Stretch cuff to easily pull gloves on and off without fumbling for a strap

    • Durable,  Clarino leather palm for maximum bike feel and no extra material bunching up

    • Silicone graphics on the palms for extra grip so you'll never drop that frosty beverage or muddy handlebars

    • HUGE towel sweat cloth on the thumb for wiping away your dirt-stache, foamy upper lip, or runny  nose (you know it happens)." - Handup Gloves


    "All of our gloves stretch and should be "snug" when they are brand new. They are too small if you can't get your hand into them." - Handup Gloves

    Size                                      A                                         B

    XS                                         3 - 1/4" (8.3cm)                  7 - 1/2" (19cm)

    S                                            3 - 3/8" (8.6cm)                  7 - 3/4" (19.7cm)

    M                                           3 - 1/2" (8.9cm)                  8" (20.3cm)

    L                                            3 - 3/4" (9.5cm)                 8 - 1/4"  (21cm)

    XL                                          4" (10.2cm)                        8 - 1/2" (21.6cm)